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I have featured Steele wines just recently and believe Jed Steele to be among the finest and most talented wine makers. The winery is in Lake County, California and is well worth the trip. There are many wines to select from and many of them are from small lots. Jed also sources fruit from other areas including Santa Barbara and Monterey, California. Most recently, Jed has made some wine from Washington State. The stories are on the same level as the wines, so sit back and listen to a few of Jed's stories.

Recent Featured Wines

Steele Wines Stymie Merlot
Stymie was a famous racehorse in mid 20th century American history. Once Stymie gained the lead on the track he would never relinquish the spot. The stories are almost as good as the wine! Jed Steele has a story for each wine and a great story at that. This is the top of the line from Steele wines. I think Jed's words do it justice, so please listen to his story and each time you open one you will have to tell the story. Cheers!

Steele Wines Cuvee
The flagship white wine from Steele, this wine is a great example of blending Jed Steele style. The Steele Cuvee features Chardonnay grapes from the three best and greatest areas in California to grow Chardonnay, Carneros, Santa Barbara, and Monterey. Add in grapes from Mendocino and we have one of the best examples of Chardonnay ever made. Please check out and read a few of the tasting notes. This Cuvee features seven different vineyards and I think we should just let the wine speak for itself. Let's pull the cork on a Steele Cuvee Chardonnay, and listen to Jed tell us about this world-class wine.

Steele Wines Pinot Blanc
This is another “great white” from Steele! This wine features Pinot grapes from Santa Barbara. Pinot Blanc has become a favorite wine to put in French barrels, this adds some crispness and to me just brings out the true fruit in this wine. This doesn't get the press that other Steele wines get, but is worthy of your time, and a great summer wine.

Steele Wines Catfish Zinfandel
I have become a huge fan of Zins! They are food wines and go with a wide range of dishes. So many people (still) tell me, “I don't like Pink Zins.” There was a process that the wine industry did that really turned people on to Red wines. Twenty plus years ago, America was not the wine nation of consumers that we are now, so wine makers came up with a wine called Pink Zinfandel. All the color comes from the skins, in a red white. Wine makers sometimes will bleed off some juice which does make the wine better as there is more skin to juice ratio. This also makes a second wine from the bleed off; this is the famous Pink Zinfandel, or rose. Now that we have discovered what Pink Zin is, let's make it CLEAR, if you want Pink Zinfandel, there are many to choose from. This is not one of those wines. This is a blend of mostly Zinfandel, and is a HUGE red wine. I've said enough, let's open this wine, and listen to Jed Steele tell us about this 100 year old vineyard and the great Zin that is made from it!

Steele Wines Pinot Noir
This wine is a pure and beautiful example of a Pinot Noir from this region. Carneros sits adjacent to the San Francisco/San Pablo Bay. The fog and cool air from the bay is perfect for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This wine is a perfect match with many dishes, and a great wine for cheese, lamb, pork, and salmon. That's it!!! Its' time to “feeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Doc!!” Jed will pour us a glass as we listen to the story of Pinot Noir and Carneros, and hopefully a few dishes.....quite a few!

Steele Wines Writer's Block Syrah
The Writer's Block line of wines is the line of Steel Wines made by Jed's son. These wines are very good, and priced for every day drinking! Enjoy this Syrah and many other wines from Steele Wines. Cheers!

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Steele Wines 2004 DuPratt Zinfandel
Steele Zins are the best! No, Steele Chardonnays are the best! No, the wine you are drinking from Steele is the best. My best advice for this wine? Drink it and listen to the story. From that point on, you will start to build a collection of Steele Zinfandels, Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays, Merlots, Syrahs. Enough said.

Steele Wines 2002 Stymie Syrah
Quincy Steele, Jed's son does this interview and allows me to introduce the second generation of winemakers from this family. Quincy is currently on location in South America, working vineyards and gaining knowledge that will continue this great winemaking family into the future. This is the best from Steele, and the story will be one that you will find yourself telling again and again. Please listen to the Stymie Merlot feature also and that way you will be up to speed on the whole story. Cheers!